As promised, and a little late in the day…Here is one way to build your list using Twitter…

You will need four things to implement this plan…

1. a Twitter account

2. a freebie for a giveaway product…I am using the profit platform that the Fortunate 500 have available.

3. an account at

4. finally an email account that lets you forward emails from Twitter automatically.

Ok, have them all?

Go to your Twitter account, login and go to SETTINGS.  Once there click on the NOTICES tab.

Now make sure that the box next to NEW FOLLOWER EMAILS is checked.

Now click on the ACCOUNT tab and go to where you can add your ONE LINE BIO, this is where I put a line similar to “Follow me and I will send you a FREE traffic report” 

OKAY now lets set up your TweetLater account…

Fill in the ADD A NEW ACCOUNT form

Check the AUTO WELCOME box, under the MESSAGE SENDING METHOD select “Send private direct message”  its in the drop down menu.

Now in the SEND THIS MESSAGE area type in the note you want to have automatically sent to your new Twitter followers.  DONT FORGET THE LINK TO YOUR FREEBIE…

Remember your link to the freebie needs to go through your auto responder so they sign up to your list!!

Okay, last thing to do…

Go to your email account and set up a filter or rule to AUTO-FORWARD your new follower notification emails from Twitter to this email address 

The beauty of this for my fellow Alex Students is we already have the freebie with follow-up in place.  We only need to direct people to that url. 

What do you think should, I make a video (it would be my first) to show how to set this up?   

Thanks for reading….Thanks for sharing this post with others…

Oh and it works, I have had a couple of new followers who I do not see on the Student Lists…and best of all…these are a couple of people I would not have had on my list if I hadn’t implemented this.

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