Content is the most powerful tool you have in your search engine optimization strategy. Relevant content, optimized for keywords, and published frequently can launch your website to the top of the search engine.

Having said that, there are a few strategies that you should know when writing and optimizing your content.

#1 One page, one keyword.

Keep it simple and optimize each webpage for one primary keyword. You could include a couple of secondary keywords that might be extensions of the primary keyword. However, trying to incorporate too many keywords into one page diffuses the results.

#3 Use your keyword strategically.

There are a few prominent places to position your keyword so they’re recognized by the search engines. These locations include:

* Your headline,
* Any headings or subheadings in your content,
* And the first and last paragraph of your content.

#4 Let your words flow naturally.

Many beginners are tempted to place their keywords in every single sentence. That generally creates an article or page that’s extremely difficult to read.

Instead, write your content and then go back and position your keywords using the strategy just outlined. Be sure to sprinkle other relevant words throughout your content as well.

For example, if you’re writing about puppy housebreaking, you can also use the words potty training, or housetraining.

Having a keyword strategy for each piece of content you write and following the tips we’ve outlined will go a long way toward helping you reach the search engine results you desire.
The bottom line, write quality and well focused content for your audience first and the search engines second. Because, after all, your audience is the key to profits and a successful website.

Why Social Media

There are two good reasons to use social media.

One is that when you create a profile, article, link, tag, or other content people can see it.  If interest is sparked they will visit your website.  Thats called “organic” traffic.  They then become fans, subscribers and customers.

The second reason social media is good is.  Whenever you build a website in a social media environment and you add content that links back to your blog, the search engines see that link.  The more the search engines see those links to your blog, the higher your blog will be ranked and the higher they will be in the listings.  The more backlinks, as they are called, the better.

Now there is a proper way to link…thats with clickable links. is a clickable link. 

But we can do one better and make it Social Media

Why is this better?  You get credit for the link to your blog, BUT you also get credit for the keyword or “tag”  Social Media as well.  So you get two for the price of one.

So when you go around “tagging” on social media sites remember to make it clickable and use a good keyword/s

Thats it for today, there is alot more to Social Media and driving traffic to your blog with it…but we will cover more another day.