Because you are reading this post I am going to give you what I consider the most perfect incentive to entice website traffic to sign up to your optin list. 

You know, probably from personal experience, that you will give up your email address much more quickly if there is an enticing offer.

Many internet marketers use a single giveaway and hope for the best.  They have no further meaningful contact and subsequently loose the optin lead they found.

It is far better to have meaningful contact several times with an optin lead.  You will then develop a relationship, you will develop trust, and you will develop their ability to say yes to your future offers. 

In short, you will develop that website traffic from an optin lead into a customer. 

How do you do this? 

 The number one way I know of to develop this coveted relationship and keep your product fresh in the mind of your newfound friend is through the use of an eCourse.

The beauty of an eCourse is that you load the course into your autoresponder.  Then you can go about drawing in website traffic and getting them on your optin list via the eCourse.

Here is a great report to show you how to put together an eCourse in less than a day…  best of all it comes with the perfect fee…